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It seemed like an excessive number of discs to me, but I let it go, comforted by the fact that he would agree to throw them away so readily. I had become suspicious for various reasons and looked at the cookies and cache on his computer (he always erased his browser history and would turn the computer away from me if I was nearby).

I found dozens of porn sites, but more disturbing were the ten-twenty escort sites, match dot com profile, and email accounts under an alias I didn’t know he had.

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He still lied – saying he had to pretend to be w prostitutes to stay connected on these sites.

The next day he finally admitted to having sex w five prostitutes over the last ten years – when we were dating, engaged, when I was pregnant, and a few times since we had kids. One moment, I feel intense rage, the next moment sadness, the next moment shame, the next nausea.

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Dear Jo Ann, I would like to preface this by saying that I have yet to determine whether my husband is a sex addict with a compulsion to consume porn, surf escort sites, and sleep with prostitutes OR an entitled, narcissistic bastard who believes these behaviors are acceptable and deserved (by him) and is just apologizing and trying to make amends simply because he was caught. I have always felt a distance from my husband – a certain disconnection on his part that was exacerbated by his minimal ability to empathize w others and his obsession w himself.

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