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and yes before some idiot ask where i know it from, Yes i am local Turkish Cypriot and yes open an proud to be GAY (Good as YOU) ))) Explain what Dutch Crusader, being GAY is not an illnes, like most people think, matter of choice, and proud to be one despite all the laws against us in this country.

Before u start with if God ment to be this that and other, don't bother. Yeah, nature sometimes plays funny tricks on the result of successful copulating men and women.

Gay sites and few others daisy dukes (mess 49) You are so right! as Ali Safar of Medview Homes told me at the London Property Exhibition and I quote "Put your stake in the ground and build your home" Having worked in Interior Design in the UK all my life, I have many lovely gay friends both male and female, most are genuine friends built up over many years (and I certainly don't care what their sexual preferences are)! They have more integrity than the whole of the TRNC Government, Judicial system, and lawyers, put together! I am sick of these nasty vile comments abt people because they are different. Richard Actually, Richard, the gay 'remittance men' formed quite a sizeable community in Kyrenia in the 1950's - I have that on good authority from several families who lived here during that period.

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Have you considered attending an 'Anger Management Treatment' course?

Please be advised that any criticisms I make are factual and based on personal experiences from 30 years in Cyprus [North & South] - how long have you been living in Cyprus?

Your numerous offensive comments abt Turks and Cypriots should they continue will be passed by me to the authorities. Your antagonistic, threatening post [Msg 81], smacks of some sort of egoistical character deficiency!

Do try harder to cool your temper tantrums, or you might risk bursting your 'Hoo-phoo valve', 'Visitor' - there's a good chap!

And if you can get to the Other Side, then it's really not a problem to find gay people. At least nobody said "Welcome to this forum, we hope you enjoy it etc etc" - to this ▶ first time poster. who in there right mind would believe this thread is genuine anyway.

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