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It could, for example, discuss a company and its products; or a mobile app such as a virtual girlfriend or boyfriend; or a server based application with which cell phone users can interact via SMS messaging.,’’ says Levy.

“ELIZA did very little but caused a stir at the time and is well documented in the Artificial Intelligence literature.

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The male version, currently unnamed, will have all the software specifications of Harmony, as well as a bionic penis because what would be the point otherwise?

“We’re working on a male version of the robot AI," Mc Mullen told the Daily Star Online.

Matt Mc Mullen, CEO of Realbotix, says he's getting ready to launch AI-enhanced male sex robots.

This follows the release of Harmony, the world's first interacting female sex robot, last year.

“I thought – if a smart guy could think like that in 1984, I wonder how much the concept of human-computer emotional relationships has developed since then.”A great deal is the answer.

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