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“Professor Sanderson seemed to muster a voice from the crowd"that everyone was saying they wanted a dating scene, but we’re not really doing anything about it.A handful of people are not willing to ask people out and that handful is able to suppress a whole dating scene.” Valera added, “I was glad that they did it and a little surprised that people were so willing to talk about something that’s usually so private.” In light of the success, Grein and Brenner are planning on having a second showing of the film on Friday, May 2, as well as adapting segments of the film to show to first-year students during Orientation.By producing the film, Grein and Brenner sought to dispel commonly held misconceptions about physical relationships in college.

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Topics ranged from what percentage of Amherst students hook up, the definition of a hookup, the benefits and drawbacks of hookups and how members of the LGBTQIA community experience the hookup culture at Amherst. The percentage of Amherst students hooking up within a given year is estimated between the broad range of 30 and 80 percent, while the definition of a hookup ranges from just kissing horizontally to having sex.

However, as the film continues, an overriding narrative develops.

I have visited both schools, and both schools have managed to capture my heart in different ways. The happiness of the students was infectious, and I loved the vibrant student life and residential colleges.

Meanwhile, Amherst appeals to me for more concrete reasons, such as the open curriculum and intimate classes.

For example, in the film Josh Nathan ’10 posits, “Consent gets a bad rap because it feels like it interrupts something; it doesn’t interrupt anything.

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