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It was fun, but there were also moments of awkwardness.I distinctly remember that one question I was asked repeatedly was “Why are you attending Comic Con? The responses I got were interesting, though often similar.At both ends of the room there were long rectangle tables with blank sheets of loose leaf paper.

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So even before the convention began, I registered for the event online at New York Comic Con’s website.

It was a quick sign-up where I entered my name, email, age, and the time slot when I wanted to speed date.

Afterwards I received a confirmation, and thus it became part of my Comic Con agenda.

After spending an entire day at the Javits Convention Center, I went to the room where the speed dating was held.

Reservations can be made online here, where they’re normally priced at US$35, but because Otaku Speed Dating loves all you Rocketeers, you can enter the promotional code ROCKET50 for a 50-percent discount.

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