Are my co workers dating who is paula white dating now

by  |  06-Mar-2018 04:41

If you have set all things in mind, ultimately, it's your decision if you want to date the person or not.

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However, if you find out you are allowed, if you like them, it is always good to initiate contact. If you really like the co-worker, that is great, and you should go for it.

Make sure that dating co-workers is allowed in your workplace first, and make sure they dating the co-worker will not interrupt your work ethic.

Second, recognize your ability to separate work and pleasure when in the workplace. And third, keep in mind that if it does not work out you will still have to see that individual while you are at work.

There is not a standard answer for this question as every situation is different.

Dating a co-worker can be a really tricky situation, if not handled well.

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