Aussie gay dating

by  |  23-Jan-2018 20:41

When I ask about his other experiences, he tells me that about half of the people he’s slept with say things such as “I’m not usually into Asian people”.Even though Peter doesn’t feel like he’s a stereotype, he resents these comments because he’s still a part of the culture.“I’ve had people tell me that because Simon’s type is tall and Asian, that he’d just trade up to someone younger and hotter when I age in a few years — or even a hot white guy,” Joe says.

“I don’t care whether someone likes me for my race or for my achievements as they’re both a part of me,” Joe says.

However, he admits that some people have been cynical about his relationship.

I follow up on this idea briefly with Dr Gilbert Caluya, a research fellow at the University of South Australia, who traces its potential origins in the 15th century.

He also tells me a combination of “a whitewashed mainstream media”, “historical racial division of beauty” and Australia’s “Yellow Panic” led to this climate of “racially homogenous desire” — which we call sexual racism now.

“There’ve been times when I imagine how easier it’d be if I were born white and looked down on my culture as weaker and subservient.

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