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Rose darts between these universes with ease and consummate skill.

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Research, workshops, recording, concert with Adam Pultz Melbye double bass, Paul Stapleton Bonsai Sound Sculpture, Simon Rose baritone saxophone. 23 Regarding Artistic Research Forum, Norwegian Theatre Academy, Østfold University College, Norway 18-20th October 2017. Over three extended pieces, recorded in concert, Simon Rose proves himself a student history, but not a slave to it.

Sonic Art Research Centre (SARC), Queen’s University, Belfast. 11th – 17th March 2018 ‘The lived experience of improvisation’. Research residency within the ‘Emotional improvisation’ research project. Each piece is encyclopaedic and grandiose without pretence, as witnessed in the opening of the aptly named ‘Ground Effect’.

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Ayleresque vibrancy, honks and controlled shrieks are tempered by multiphonics akin to those of more recent John Butcher ventures, the overtones finally pervading the texture, themselves forming shards of sub melody.

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