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by  |  25-Jan-2018 05:54

Once you’ve acheived blogging fame in your specific, chosen niche and are a known expert on one amazing thing, then you can get all random. Additional reading (all my writing, kind of vain, but I like these ones) THE Best Places to Blog (updated 2014 edition) – Survey ALL your options, it’s important.

Word, or Word Press for short, is my favorite blogging software.

I recommend it to everyone because when you make a blog with it you are instantly on the playing field with the likes of Forbes, Katy Perry, Tech Crunch, Tim Ferris Blog,, and thousands more.

Word Press powers over 26% of the web’s most popular 10 million websites so it’s a no brainer to use them.

It’s free to use, you just need to get a domain name and self-hosting space.

It can be Tuesday mornings or Thursday afternoons or Sunday after brunch, and you can ask your readers, but breaking your schedule and not telling people why is a silent blog killer. It’s hard enough to follow blogs these days, and it’s your job as the author to be regular.

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