Dirtiest free chat site - Canadian laws on dating a minor

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The manufacturer offered to pay 60 per cent of the estimated ,000 repair if the work was done at its dealership, but Bursac felt that wasn't enough.

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You can also contact CBC's Go Public to see if they will look into your story.

— A two-year-old child suffered minor injuries after falling from a children's car ride at the at the NC State Fair Friday evening, according to the child's mother, Bobbie Feraco.

As a term for cars, it may be traced to a 1960s Volkswagen ad, which used the phrase, "We pluck the lemons." Canada does not have a federal lemon law.

Nova Scotia and Manitoba have passed laws that refer to lemons, but do not actually fit the bill, according to Kreindler.

Canada doesn't have real lemon laws for faulty cars like the U. Yasmina Bursac purchased a used 2010 Mini Cooper S in July 2013, which ended up with a blown engine after she had owned it for a year.

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