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In response, Trump told PEOPLE that Miller was a joke gone awry, explaining, “What I did became a good time at Marla’s expense, and I’m very sorry.” RELATED VIDEO: Watch: Natasha Stoynoff Breaks Silence, Accuses Donald Trump of Sexual Attack Bruni, meanwhile, told The Daily Beast she’s heard stories about Trump posing as his own PR man. In 2008, shortly after she wed Sarkozy, a nude photo of Bruni taken by a French fashion photographer in 1993 was sold at auction and caused a mild tabloid frenzy.

Last July, Melania found herself in a similar situation when nude photos appeared in the the same.

Bruni grew up in France from the age of 7, and attended the boarding school Château Mont-Choisi in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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“I’m from France and Italy, so to me, making artistic naked pictures wasn’t a problem,” she said.

; born 23 December 1967), is a singer-songwriter and model.

In 2017, Bruni released her fifth album, French Touch.

Carla Gilberta Bruni Tedeschi was born in Turin, Italy.

Then-PEOPLE reporter Sue Carswell interviewed “Miller,” later playing the tape for Maples. What I can say is that I think democracy is better than dictatorships, and democracy is about elections. we respect democracy.” She also answered sternly when asked whether it bothers her that her alleged association with Trump is one of the first things that comes up in a Google search of her name. “Maybe it’s American Google, because if it’s French Google, other things come up — mostly my man, my work, my younger pictures. I’ve been able to protect them.” Bruni has been married to Nicolas Sarkozy, the former president of France, since 2008. Bruni also shares a 15-year-old son, Aurélien, with French philosopher Raphaël Enthoven.

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