Charlyne yi and michael cera really dating

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She is a self-made comedienne, with another script for Apatow in the works and a viral video with Channing Tatum making the Internet rounds.She is also a working artist, putting together an upcoming comic book for Oni Press.

She says this mirrors her offscreen life: “I think a lot of girls are very catty and just weird and sassy. I like calm hangouts like playing instruments and talking.”It is Yi’s ability to become one of the guys that has brought her career to this point—she won the affection of Rogen and his writing partner, Evan Goldberg, at one of her comedy shows, and landed the part in Knocked Up as a result.

She then fell in with the so-called Hollywood Frat Pack, earning friends like Rogen, Jason Segal, Jay Baruchel, Jonah Hill, and other alums of Freaks and Geeks and other Apatow projects.“I actually hadn’t seen Freaks and Geeks or any Apatow movies when I met those guys,” Yi says.

“I met this one couple who had been married for years and discovered an old picture in an attic,” she says.

“They had been at the same party when they were young and never met!

Best of all, Yi is so aggressively open and normal that she could be anyone you know—quiet, creative, strangely funny—who just happened to make a film with her friends as one of many projects.

Charlyne yi and michael cera really dating

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