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We are a nonjudgmental group who supports others no matter where they are in their walk.If this interests you, read (about), and check the (calendar) for past and upcoming events.*** We are a group designed to fit the needs and provide planned adventure and activities for Christian singles but not a dating site.

I am a little shy at first, until you get to know me. I like to treat guys really well, and I'm very thoughtful and giving. My ideal guy would be attractive, intelligent, make me I am a christian woman looking for a christian man to start a relationship with. I'm just ready for a kind and honest guy who i can relate to and share a life with.

I like children and do not care for pets that much. It's just got to the point now where I can't meet nobody good enough.

I have has a bunch of strange people talk with me online and I am hoping that this site is a good one for not meeting wierd-os. Well I'm a 19 year old girl with long blond straight hair and blue eyes.

:-) Hello just to give to some insite about myself I am 24 I live in Kansas City, Mo. I am looking for a soulmate someone that I can grow old with. I'm just Graduated from High school a few months ago and i'm kinda scared about my future :( I'm not very outgoing but I try to be often.

We are hopeful that our members find a partner, marry and continue to benefit from our fellowship.

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