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It’s better to say that we have four accounts of the good news.

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It began Monday the 24th and people were arrested that day and the next and... I hooked up twice in the men's room in the main building by the fire and horticulture departments. Two doors with plenty of warning when someone enters. I have been to this LA Fitness many times and have yet to see any action. So He might be undercover because he drive varying vehicles (this time a red truck). Pigs did an after Thanksgiving sting and arrested the Chief Financial Officer of Cincinnati Christian University among others. There are tons of wooded areas and it can be very cruisy! This is mostly a waste of time as Sheriff's deputies are there weekends and at other times. Anyone who walks around the UC Campus, especially someone who doesn't look like a student, p... During that time it was an incredible place if you like to watch straight men walk around naked. If you're not a member it's only ten bucks for a day pass. There was a lot of cruising going on in the shower and hot tub.

Turn left at the very next light, which is Central Parkway. From I-74 take the Central Parkway exit (exit 20) then turn left on College Drive. Police busted the Chief Financial Officer of Cincinnati Christian University here a few weeks ago on a Saturday morning after Turkey Day. He was entrapped, is married and probably a nice g... I strongly recommend against considering this as a cruising sp... I went there and within ten minutes I had this nineteen-year old sophomore naked, and he was taking my cock up his ass like a champ. The entire campus is under surveillance and there are hidden cameras in places you would never suspect. I was a member of the Central Parkway YMCA from 1985-1996. The best times are weekdays 2 to 7 pm and all day on weekends. It's gotten so gay that now it's swarming with some very unattractive and intrusive closet-types that follow you everywhere. I went here on a Saturday afternoon, and there was more cock than I have ever seen in the locker room.

Many of you are planning to participate in the Walk for Life this Saturday and others of you have already supported it financially.

I’m hoping that we have a great turnout from Edgewood.

Now I have my own Avon business and I have been in business for 7 years as well.

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