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It is a phenomenon called “archaeological bias.” [17] Since the genre is a speculative approach, guessing at what a famous figure what have to say on a matter, it is generally categorized under the meta-genre of fiction.

Garden Temple The following course handout is a brief introduction to the view posited by archaeologist Ernest L.

Martin with regard to the probability that the structure of the Garden (and greater Eden) was a representation and reflection of the Heavenly Temple, and that Adam and Even were installed (placed) into it as priests with the duty to “labor in the Torah and to keep its commandments.” The popularity of this view has moved far beyond Dr.

Other explanations have been bandied about, but this is the one with the greatest Scriptural support.

This is evidenced in the Bible’s use of the term בְּנֵי הָֽאֱלֹהִים and its Aramaic equivalent always in where the subject is human beings (never angels or demons).

[12] The principal deviant from this view is the Kabbalistic (Jewish mysticism) text the Zohar (a). Kaiser’s observation in regard to the Greek translations is that of the several variant Septuagints, only one (the Alexandrian recension) inserts “angels” into its translation of the text.

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