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Occasionally, an aged nudist hippie sells hand-made trinkets on the beach and although we didn’t experience it on this visit, in the past you could have a colourful wrap put in your hair by a dreadlocked nude man.This beach does not have the facilities of some other beaches but for some contributors this beach is the epitome of naturism.There is a beach just to the right of the camp site known as Camping Beach.

There is little or no current between the two islands and the water is very safe, even for small children.

Some good snorkelling can be found at the eastern and western ends of the beach.

There is a volleyball area; the water is warm and shallow.

One hears it is sometimes possible to hire windsurfers, and that nude windsurfing in the shallow warm water is very enjoyable.

Everyone co-existing in harmony with each other and the environment, children playing happily without a care for stuffy convention, parents able to relax, safe in the knowledge that their kids are in no danger. A report from August 2003 describes a superb atmosphere much better than previous years though the beach was very crowded (approx 100 mid-afternoon of which 80% were nude).

Com cy community member dating site

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