Cooperstown tube top

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There are nearly 17,000 players every summer, each paying 0 to cover their three meals a day, housing, two sets of uniforms, laundry, a commemorative ring, a visit to the Hall of Fame and, of course, the games they play.

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Against a wonderful backdrop of wooded hills, we roll past some of the 22 ballfields, the 20 batting cages and the concession stands, all precisely maintained.

When Presutti spots the rare piece of litter on the well-tended grass, he stops and picks it up.

I'm told Albert Pujols' son is playing here either this week or next.

Major league alumni include Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, David Price and Chris Sale and nearly half of this year's first-round picks."I went there twice, and it's a pretty good experience," Trout told me later.

There now are 104 teams every week throughout the summer, with a dozen players and four or five coaches per team.

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