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by  |  13-Feb-2018 03:10

Sobon's advice for grabbing up a nerd for your very own?

Change everything about yourself, lie through your teeth, pretend to be interested in super boring stuff, and before you know it: nerd happiness.

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The post is so ridiculous that I don't even see any need to respond by saying, "I work with fifteen guys (who certainly qualify as geeks) and they're all good dressers," because it's so incredibly stupid that an adult would ever think, or write such a thing, especially one who works inside this industry, where female executives are such a rare thing.

And on that point, they an incredibly rare thing, as Leslie is undoubtedly aware herself.

Well, now imagine trying to do that in a dating situation.

I'm not saying people don't do it -- just that it's not exactly a newfangled or savvy dating tip, unless you live on the set of a sitcom, where pretty much anything goes.

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