Dating a single dad with full custody

by  |  25-Jan-2018 11:24

Great news – you finally found a dang awesome guy who comes with a kick ass sense of humor, an irresistible sapiosexual quotient, and the ‘rare’ emotional maturity you’d been seeking all along.Trust me, most dads out there are interested in finding women who will enhance and enrich his kids’ lives.

I want my next relationship to start out with the potential going the long distance.

At our age kids are either a choice you made or one you didn’t.

Dating a single dad is a different cross-sectional study in human nature where those normal dating rules do NOT apply.

And what’s more, a sound job, a beautiful house, a nice car, and umm …

I can be several different sizes of Boston Terrier, but if you’re into whippets and poodles, we’re probably never going to be a match.

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