Dating an over the road truck driver dating in the dark polish sausage

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Knowing this misconception exists about drivers, what type of spouse do you have and how is the relationship between you two? ) If these are problem areas you may have more problems if you decide to become a truck driver before addressing those issues. Is she self confident, independent to a certain extent, out going, trust worthy, responsible, goal oriented? Well, if your spouse does not posses those characteristics then she may start doubting you on the road.

If she doesn't posses at least most of those characteristics she may not be the type of person that would make a good spouse to a truck driver. There will at some point be unexplainable (I should say unbelievable at least to the person not having been out on the road) situations will that occur i which you can't call or answer or forget.

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The Dating and relationship information here will help you to get a big picture view of your situation and how to best proceed.

Use the lessons that you've learned from past relationships along with the insight here to guide you.

This leaves a lot of room to wonder and speculate due to having no development of personal trust.

My theory is take out all of the complications and distractions (read as strain) you can for both.

The key to dating as a trucker is being up front and letting your intentions be know from the start.

Dating an over the road truck driver

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