Dating beanie babies

by  |  07-Feb-2018 07:44

A retired Beanie Baby will usually fetch more at auction than one in current production.

Hang tag covers can keep the tags in pristine condition, while displaying them in a glass front case out of direct sunlight will keep them bright and fresh.

They should not be played with if you plan to keep them or sell them as collectible items.

Prince Harry and his girlfriend Meghan Markle have only been together for a few months, but they are already sharing style sensibilities.

The two have previously sported the same beaded bracelets, and in their first public photograph together — walking around London after taking in a performance of they were bundled up in matching beanies, too!

While the photo isn’t clear enough to decipher the exact brand of beanie Harry or Markle are wearing, she was recently spotted wearing a very similar-looking beanie from the brand Hat Attack while in Canada, where she films her hit series, .

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