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Any suggestions on where in Singapore might be a good place for caucasians to meet each other in person, as opposed to online dating sites?(We're planning to try WNDC this week, but not sure what to expect).He was about to start a course at Nottingham Trent University, where Miss Witton was also planning to study, after failing to complete a physics course he began in 2006.

Police believe he may have got to know Mr Pyke, who used the name "Shade" on the internet, and Miss Witton, through their Wars Central site.

Mr Pyke, who also published science fiction on the internet, moved to Nottingham from Stowmarket, Suffolk, two years ago.

I doubt there are too many expat caucasian(or for that matter other races, expat) single women here. Especially at the higher rungs in MNCs, very very few women.

Hence most expat women here are trailing spouses(girl friends)For me race doesn't matter. when that is said, I believe it is by far easier for caucasian guys here to date Asian girls.

Shortly after the killing a fellow gaming fan, David Heiss, 21, from Frankfurt, posted a message on the Facebook site of Joanna Witton, Mr Pyke's girlfriend, apologising "for having caused so much trouble lately".

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