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“That number seemed to make more intuitive sense from a project branding perspective,” Smith said with a chuckle.The project is similar to the 50 Reefs initiative, which aims to identify the 50 reefs that are least vulnerable to climate change and have the potential to contribute to the restoration of other reefs in the future.

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“We will be able to determine how reefs are affected by things like warming and local human impacts, and how they might be recovering from pressures such as this most recent massive global bleaching event,” said Smith, speaking by phone from the shores of Catalina Island off Southern California, where she had just concluded a class teaching students how to count fish in a kelp forest.

Principal investigator and Scripps professor Stuart Sandin, Smith and their colleagues strategically selected regions to represent different ranges of ocean productivity, human population density and island elevation.

More recent corals from the Devonian Period, a few million years later, show that the earth’s spin had slowed down to 410 days per year.

So why is the Earth slowing down in the first place?

Custom-made writing slates, data sheets preprinted on underwater paper and sign language are among the tools of the trade for scuba-diving scientists.

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