Dating site for norwegians can dating lose alimony

by  |  19-Jan-2018 02:14

I am still not going to tell you even in this post many of the ways we figure these idiots out because once the scammers learn how we get onto them, they often modify the scam so we can’t use that method to catch them anymore.It ends up being an intelligence arms race, and that’s no way to fight crooks.It is far more sophisticated than the stupid 419 scam.

Even I sometimes get friend requests on facebook from profiles that have a picture of an African woman.

I don’t know where they get my contact from, but common sense tells me to stay away, no matter how hot the woman in that picture may be.

Yes, many of the women who fall for it are older, and they are often heavy and not very good-looking.

However, quite a few older women who look great also fell for it. Some quit working and went into depressions, and many women were in therapy or on antidepressants.

These fellows were often not the sharpest tools in the shed, and I must say, if you keep falling for this scam many times, you truly are an idiot.

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