Dating views

by  |  10-Feb-2018 15:40

If you were a woman and you were talking about guys, your argument might have some merit.

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As the others have said, sometimes it is just to see a closer look of what is in the picture. For example, your profile says you are looking to date, but nothing serious.

To alot of women, that means you want the benefits of dating a woman..i.e sex, without any commitment.

of the ones i initiate contact (nice, thoughtful emails, related to the profile, etc etc) no one ever writes back anyhow - so i just presume that ideally, there's not anything of interest i'm offering to folks - tis ok, it happens.question is, if someone views your profile does that mean they're too shy to initiate email but are hoping you'll email them.

i tend to think that if someone views my profile but doesn't write - that pretty much says they're not interested because it takes little to no investment to write someone to say hello.

"i didn't nor do i necessarily believe that to be the case - and w/replies from others on this thread - that pretty much substantiates my thoughts, that just because someone viewed a profile - doesn't in any way infer "interest" or "hope of being emailed by that person" - so that pretty much lays that question to rest.thanks to everyone who posted and shared their insight.

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