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He jumped to his feet, likely needing to be steadied by people in the crowd who only moments before were telling him to shut up.

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Dating waiting not calling womens dating timeline

When we trust that the good things God teaches us in His Word are better than throwing in the towel out of impatience, however, we realize that giving up on Him can only harm us.

Then again, sometimes we’re waiting, only we’re not sure what we’re waiting for. SEE ALSO: Waiting for God to Speak Waiting By the Side of the Road About two thousand years ago, Mark languished along the dusty roadside outside the gates of Jericho, which even then, was one of the world’s oldest cities.

About all a person like Bartimaeus could do back then was, if he was otherwise healthy enough, take up a spot alongside a road and beg all day long. Hoping that enough sympathetic passers-by would toss enough money your way to buy a simple supper. Waiting in utter darkness, even as you could feel the sun beating down on the body you couldn’t see.

It’s possible that many people in Jericho knew Bartimaeus, or at least knew of him, since he likely spent all of his days begging, waiting for somebody to take pity on him. Sometimes calling out when you heard people approaching, then slumping back against a wall or rock, and waiting some more. Suddenly, Bartimaeus heard more than just the shuffling of passers-by. So he hollered out, calling on Jesus to have mercy on him.

Are we waiting for God to bless us with a spouse, or are we waiting for God to bless us with contentment regardless of whether we ever get married? This blind beggar's name was Bartimaeus, and although we don't know how old he was, we can assume his was a undesirable life.

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