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He gives the best puppy eyes he can muster and slides a hand down to Gerard’s belt, but Gerard grabs his wrist and pins it to the seat beside his head.

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Gerard tries to keep his mind on the lesson, he really does, but it's difficult when he knows that Frank is right there, already stretched open by the plug, and every time Gerard's mind wanders back to how good it's going to feel to sink into Frank, how needy Frank's going to be by then, he almost drops whatever is in his hands at the time.

Finally, though, the lesson ends, and Frank waits in his seat while the other kids all file out into the hallway.

"Oh my god, Iero," says a voice from somewhere outside the classroom door, and Gerard's ears prick up. " "I lost a bet," he hears Frank answer cheerfully, and oh god, oh god, he really did it.

The bell shrills and the class start to trickle in, in twos and threes, and Gerard lets himself risk a glance at Frank. The skirt is short, flashing a tempting glimpse of soft, pale thighs.

He’s just about to say something when the back of his knee hits the seat cushion, and Gerard pushes firmer with a sudden flare and his hand tightens in Frank’s hair.

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