Dendrochronology dating method

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Review all the principles of dendrochronology as complied by Chronology Building The climatic changes or patterns in specific geographic areas can be traced by the study of old living trees.

Botanists, foresters and archaeologists began using this technique during the early part of the 20th century. Each year a tree adds a layer of wood to its trunk and branches thus creating the annual rings we see when viewing a cross section.

New wood grows from the cambium layer between the old wood and the bark.

The method was tested on two dendrochronological series from Scythian barrows of known age in Southern Siberia: the Pazyryk barrows (the Altai Mountains) and the Dogee-Baary-2 burials (Western Sayan Mountains) separated by 450 km.

The analysis has shown that the Pazyryk barrow is younger by 80 ± 4 yr than the Dogee-Baary −2 burials.

Trees showing sensitive rings are those affected by conditions like slope gradient, poor soils, little moisture.

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