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Such modifications are usually informed to users over the net.

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1a) Even if these are enabled, you might need to make sure the DHCP server has permissions to update DNS records.

If your DHCP server is also a domain controller, then you are probably fine, if not, then you may want to see if the DHCP server is a member of the "Dns Update Proxy" group in AD.

The process of converting domain names to IP addresses is called “resolving.”The file typically contains the IP addresses of nameservers (DNS name resolvers) that attempt to translate names into addresses for any node available on the network.

Steps to configure Linux as DNS client, first login as a root user (use su command): Step # 1: Open /etc/file: The author is the creator of nix Craft and a seasoned sysadmin, Dev Ops engineer, and a trainer for the Linux operating system/Unix shell scripting.

However, the reverse DNS entries ("PTR" Records) are not.

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