Dropbox not updating on other computers

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Now that we’re sure the local set up is right, let’s check the Dropbox website to make sure that the syncing is working properly.

Dropbox should show the new symlink as a folder in its online interface.

By the way, on DB v3.0.3, simply changing the DB folder location to whereever my existing folder was (as per the other answer) this is how i did it on SAME computer after reinstalling windows windows go on C: drive, dropbox files are on D: drive in subfolder "Dropbox" i renamed that subfolder to "Dropbox OLD" and, after installing new Dropbox app, i chose same destination as before and call it the same "Dropbox".

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Then I just paste them into Windows CMD Prompt and limit the issues.

So with that said: Open Notepad Open your Dropbox folder then Now all we need to do is make a few modifications in the notepad so we can easily copy and paste the entire command right into the next step.

the command from Notepad into your Command Prompt Window To ensure the link was successfully created, now you will now see a message right below where you just pasted the command. The last step is just to check and make sure everything is set up correctly.

In your My Dropbox folder, you should now have the new Symlink or Folder you just created.

If you open the folder, the contents of it should be backed up to Dropbox and continue as a real-time sync as everything else in the My Dropbox folder does.

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