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by  |  27-Feb-2018 19:38

However, you had four which means that you need to pay 2.37.” If you wish to get into a Dutchman’s heart you need to accept that there are three of you in the relationship, him, you and his money which he will cling onto like a Gold Digger to a footballer.

Religion To get anywhere with a Dutch man you have to be able to understand, respect and tolerate their primary religion which is money.

Dutch men worship money above just about anything else.

This is considered by many Dutch men to be the height of chic and elegance.

Indeed, I suggest to compliment him on his bold and daring use of primary colors and try not to stare at them for the rest of the evening.

Now, all we want to know is: have you been on a Dutch date yet and did it involve splitting a bill?

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