Error has occurred sp4 system updating w2k fre dating service

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Take for example Service Pack 4 for Windows 2000 with Feature Release 3. This expert all-inclusive VDI guide features 12 chapters to provide details on how to plan for a successful deployment, compare vendors and products, determine your ROI and much more.

It caused a lot of problems, a lot of headaches for a lot of customers. Okay well first off we actually have—I want to make sure this is clear—we have a lab in the vicinity of Microsoft. We're roughly about ten minutes from one another and we do in fact have engineers with key cards that we can in fact meet with others on the Microsoft campus.

The real problem was that they had a Microsoft employee posting, who didn't bother reading what the original poster had actually said, and also of course, who didn't want to admit that this was a simple bug in the MS XP SP 2 setup. Look for simple solutions first, then move on to complex ones if the simple ones fail.

Amazing how many pointless postings were made on this topic, and sad to think how many people probably ended up totally destroying their systems just because people didn't bother reading what the real background of the question was.

My take on that is "busted." The response of, "I wasn't aware of any really huge problems that came up or great volume..." leave me a little concerned that this CTO does not talk to his tech suppport.

The Citrix Support forums (on Citrix's website) are loaded with SP4-related issues.

For two companies with such a close relationship, these major problems should not have occurred. Question from a technical standpoint regarding your relationship with Microsoft.

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