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But at some point of time, the relationship will start to attain its maturity, and it will happen much faster than a new relationship because both of you know each other so well already.When the excitement does wear off eventually, would you still be happy to spend the rest of your life with your partner?You may be in a serious relationship with someone else, or you may find yourself single after a torrid fling with the wrong partner.

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Do you genuinely think you and your ex can look past the earlier errors and avoid them from ever happening again? If you want to date an ex, you have to be willing to take a chance together with a hope of something better the second time around.

But can you prevent the same mistakes that happened the first time around from cropping up this time around?

Memories of your ex So why exactly have you been thinking about your ex and missing them?

Is it because you genuinely love them and think the break up was a mistake?

Most people confuse this kind of an attraction with love. [Read: Getting back with an ex for sex] Is it really love?

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