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On American dating sites, beginning your introduction with a physical compliment won’t earn you points from the more attractive women.

Internationally however, you will get more “thank you”‘s and smiles.

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You get the awkward ‘first meet’ out of the way virtually, so by the time you meet up in person, there’s already a level of comfort between you, because you know what each other looks like, how you communicate together, and what to expect.

Not to mention, it can be a real time saver if you’re dealing with a catfish, secret internet fatty, or insurmountable language barrier.

One approach we like to employ at Personal Dating Assistants, is to write like a curious child in our overseas correspondence. You’re already perceived as a wealthy, intelligent master of the universe to many of these women as a western man. American girls by-and-large communicate via regular txt messaging.

From here, it’s simply a matter of relating to her beyond this stereotype. Overseas however, you never know if the girl you’re corresponding with has a proper txt plan.

All you need to do, is be from a wealthy Western country, have some decent looking dating pictures, and put in a real effort.

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