Extreme dating 2016

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With help from the Southeast Regional Climate Center | Weirdest Weather)If we simply listed who has been warmest based on straight temperatures, it would be obvious. Instead, we examined the anomalies, or departure-from-average temperatures.

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But I have given too much time this year to the wrong people, to pining over someone who would only ever invite me out at 9 p.m., or watching in horror as an ex's new relationship unfurled on social media, or weeping at a bus stop because someone who everyone said would let me down eventually did.

Dating now is a minefield of ghosting, social media stalking, and longing.

Those areas with more improvement in drought conditions are shown in darker green contours.

The town of Lihue, Hawaii, essentially has had much less than half their average rain in 2016, largely due to a lack of Kona storms with rain both early and late in the year.

Competition will take place from January 28-31 with live coverage on ESPN and ABC.

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