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That's not to say I don't appreciate that I have fans -- I do -- but that doesn't mean I like to talk shop the time.

People also feel entitled to put their arm around me or grab my bicep, my shoulder or the back of my neck when engaged in conversation.

The impact of my work has made it so that I can't get a decent date to save my life, either. If somebody had sat me down and laid out exactly what was going to happen to me, would I have thought more about this new life? I tell them, "If you're looking to scratch something off your bucket list, do it!

If you're looking to make tons of money or be 'the next big thing,' keep your day job or go back to school, because those days are done, son." There are no "porn stars" anymore.

At the time C1R was the top producer and distributor of gay porn in the world, and I was made the face of the brand for the next eight years.

All I had to do was fasten my seatbelt and enjoy the ride.

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This situation reached a crescendo between 20, when more victims came out to share their stories. The stories were harrowing — beatings, victims forced to strip and photographed, used condoms placed on them as the captors took photos, threats, and in some cases raped them, (sometimes gang rape).…
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