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You want to walk straight through this intersection, toward the buildings. After going straight through the intersection with the station behind you, you will soon see a 7Eleven convenience store on your right.

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When you arrive at Unseo Station, you will see that there is only one exit.

Walk out of it and head straight through the large public square to the only visible traffic light. The whole town is surrounded on all sides by trees, trains and the like anyway, so there is simply no way to wonder out of it!

If you fly in Asia, there is a good chance you’ll stop there at least once.

But while the airport has plenty to do (from a museum to an ice skating rink), there’s nowhere for a guy to go and drain his balls on a quick stopover. South Korea’s public transportation system is cheap, clean and efficient; and in this case it’ll take you right where you want to go in a matter of minutes. Find your way to the Airport Express train, also called AREX.

It is on the fifth floor of the building with the sign.

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