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Outside there's a line up for the free evening meal.

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We're away from the main road in the dreary little network of houses and businesses that make up Whalley. The rain is pattering on the awning that we're sitting under. Tina's complaining because she was caught up in an incident with the SWAT police earlier in the evening. Society has turned their back on me, and my family's turned their back on me, and this is where I fit in. Instead she says a cop gave it to her three days previously.

Charlene is 54 and says she has terminal cancer; last night she told me she had pneumonia. The guy she was walking with was carrying a piece and the police had obviously got wind of it. I'd like to spend my money on my own children but I've failed. She is living on an inheritance from her parents and hustling crack. I'm cajoled into walking over and picking up Charlene's rock for her. "I was in someone's shack when the cops kicked the door in," Jenny tells us.

Down one side of the room, which contains eight or 10 large tables, are windows to the street.

You can't lie down on the floor, but you can rest your head on the table tops and doze.

Mama pokes her fingers through the holes and tries to regain his attention. This annoys Johnny: "Good place to take your kid, lady." There are two women on the street running for him and a young guy to the right of me is looking out.

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