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It was always his intention to get her to Syria.’It was then Aqsa told her parents of her intention to marry Ulhaq.

‘It was heart-breaking as it was out of the blue,’ said Mr Mahmood. Like any parent, I said, “Why would you get married when you don’t know each other? You have studies to complete – then you can make such life decisions”.

The woman suspected of encouraging three London teenagers to travel to Syria wrote a blog post weeks before their disappearance urging would-be jihadi brides to prepare to be widows.

Aqsa Mahmood had an active social media presence under the name Umm Layth and was known for tweeting about life as a militant’s wife in Syria before her account was suspended.

My baby had gone and nobody was doing anything to stop it.’The couple told how they discovered Ulhaq, 21, had been secretly grooming their daughter for jihad and revealed a dramatic showdown with the radical Islamist and his family after the youngster ran away from home to marry him.

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