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A Rutgers University National Marriage Project report found that the nation's "marriage rate has dipped by 43% in the past four decades.Americans still cherish the ideal of marriage but are pessimistic about finding a lasting marriage partner and are more accepting of alternatives to marriage, including living together and single - parenting with a partner outside of marriage." -#124 and #130) "The biggest increase in couples choosing to live together is not among twenty-somethings, but among people over the age of 35.

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We need to develop a mentality of acceptance, wholeness and MINISTRY TO, FOR AND THROUGH this ever-increasing segment of society.

It is time for the church to think new bold and creative as it reaches out to an increasingly "non family community.” Let's define the term "single adult." I am referring to unmarried adults, ages 18 or older who happen to be SINGLE BY CHANCE, CHANGE OR CHOICE, whether theirs or someone else's.

A singles ministry would be the ideal setting for these topics to be taught and discussed.

If for some reason this was not feasible, occasional classes/workshops sponsored by one or several churches could be offered to address specific topics.

We need to have an equally high standard on marriage, though!

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