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Imoinda, who is now called Clemene, faints into Caesar's arms, and when she revives the lovers are reunited, swearing that all their terrible troubles have been worth the price now that they are reunited: "what ecstasies of joy they both withheld each other, without speaking, then snatched each other to their arms" (44).

The narrator, meanwhile, has been staying on the same plantation.

Caesar is given a small house and a piece of land apart from the other slaves.

When he does visit them, they all fall down and adore him.

The narrator visits Caesar and Clemene, where she finds that although the former Imonida is covered with carved "fine flowers and birds all over her body," she treats the girl with great respect and is delighted that Caesar has found his lost love.

And, "from that happy day, Caesar took Clemene for his wife, to the general joy of all the a very short time after she conceived a child" (45).

His look of hatred directed at the captain causes the slave trader to blush: "farewell sir, it is worth my sufferings to gain so true knowledge both of you and of your gods to whom you swear" (37).

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