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Both species called themselves simply "Bimms" and lived harmoniously with each other in their shared forest cities.

They considered themselves to be a united people, and were considered as such by the rest of the galaxy.

The Bimm greeting ritual involved a reception line which each visitor would walk through.

In complete silence, each Bimm in line would reach out and gently touch the visitor's head, arm, or back.

Sharing their homeworld with a Near-Human species also known as the Bimm, the two species were completely unrelated biologically, they shared a language and cultural identity as Bimms.

Many descriptions of Bimm culture and society ignored the biological differences between the two species.

1993's Heir to the Empire Sourcebook, a supplement for West End Games' Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game written by Bill Slavicsek, described the Bimm species in more detail, and provided illustrations.

Furry adult chat game

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