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President Me Kialey is tbo center of attraction and is enthusiastically cheered wherever he goes. tho Philippines and that aomo of the Cuban debt would be assumed, and Many New Cases Vet Reported In that ho desired a prompt agreement . Thirty-eight new cases of yellow fever and The West Htil Turint: Today I'loiu n two deaths nrc reported from the Mississippi Valley jcitcrday.

JMiteen mas meetings were held this morning In various parta of the city, all addressed by prominent men.

It Is understood that Commissioner Day has told tbe Spanish noace commissioners that there must bo no moro delay on tho part ot Spain in meeting American demand. Speeches were made by Mayor Carter Harrison, Archbishop Ireland and other prominent persons.

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Tho other matter was that of Seventieth street, or Fountain avenue. He said in giving day is receiving much encour 1895, in pursuance of a petition agement from tbe substantial busi Already from property holders, City Engineer ness people of tho city. some of tho largest concerns, both Chairman Fowler, ot the finance Wilcox gave tbe grade for street Im- wholesale and retail, have taken He said tbe profile had committee, read the following bills, provements. Pettcr great clamor for the discharge of Tbe bill for election ofllcers on exas a proany had not tra registration day, amounting to file had bid on been profllo, The pre- volunteers following tbe signing of never seen. The motion to ilx tbe salary at for the improvement of Monroe from 8750 prevailed by a vote ot 10 to 2 Fourteenth to Sixteenth street. Dallam alleges that the city engineer came out one day 13th and each succeeding Tuesday not run from Fourth to Second streets on Court. Elliott said tho hackmen did carried away, be returned and gave not want to bo forced to any ono lo- another grade, which was four Inches succeeding Thursday until Oct.

Iho details arc to be found In tho council proceedings. Don't you know Plantation Chill Cure is guaranteed to curo you? Vlect-Mans Qc- ld Chill Curo is mado by Drug-Co.- , hence Black Kersey, double-breaste- d i T. GO, worth S12, at the SACRIFICE BALE in Broad wav White Building. Husbands was pteaent Tbo Sun's great industrial edition and said be was there In regard to the grade given on Bridge street, at tbe which will be published on Thanks turn of tbe gravel road. vious action of the council was null military administration do not pre ORM. I he ordinance was given final pas erage committee. The ordinance committee was instructed to bring in an ordinance creased.

If you sent in 10 comments your name was in the comment bag 10 times and even if you sent in only one comment in Nov. This time the winner is Annette and I've already sent her an e-mail to get her mailing address.

Congratulations Annette and thank you to all who read my blog and take the time to send in a comment.

I bet you're surprised that I'm having yet another contest.

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