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Visitors come from all over the nation and even all over the world to experience this world famous museum.

With plenty of people looking around and lots of unique artwork to spark conversation, you’re bound to strike up a chat at this renowned historic building.

It is located near restaurants and other enjoyable recreation.

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Even if art isn’t really your thing, a little exploration around the Met could very well broaden your horizons.

And if you’re lucky, it can give you a taste of interracial dating in NYC with the immense amount of diversity seen in everyone coming and going from here each day.

If you're a professional Bachelor or Bachelorette between the ages of 25 - 60 and open to interracial dating then this is the group to join. This group is for people who are open to dating out of their race and also dating within their race.. Looking to meet some great people..join me and we can have fun together and make this a successful group.

This is a heterosexual group for singles who are interested in looking for dating and relationships in the boroughs of Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. Black, White, Indian, Asian, and, Hispanic.races....

Some of the best places to find dates include major cities.

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