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It's not an award show without a little red carpet awe, and when Chelsea Peretti and Jordan Peele showed up together at the 2015 SAG Awards, fans 'round the world let out a collective "aww, oh yeah!

" Peretti and Peele have been dating since 2013, but they're kind of like New York City's baby pigeons: You know that they exist, but having never, ever seen them out and about, one must stop and wonder if it's all a lie.

The actress announced her pregnancy in February, shortly after news broke that Beyoncé was expecting twins.

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Peele and Peretti started dating in 2013, and got engaged in November 2015.

The actress confirmed in April 2016 that she and Peele had eloped, with their beloved rescue dog as the "only witness." "Eloped a bit ago.

She was born as one of the two children born to an Italian- American business man while her mother was a gardener, who was from Poland and lived in America after marriage.

Her parents happened to meet during one of her father’s business travels to Eastern Europe.

One twitter fan, like many of us, wondered how Peele’s wife, comedian Chelsea Peretti, felt about her husband’s movie which stars a Black guy (Daniel Kaluuya) being preyed upon by his white girlfriend’s (Allison Wlliams) family.

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