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* Always have your pet’s lead and collar to hand prior to departure, but do not take your dog out of the kennel inside the airport.

If your dog runs to the end of the leash in a panic whenever a car passes, it can make walking him almost impossible.

Plak şirketinde bir kaç yıl ses eğitimi almış ve ilk solo albümünü 2002 yılında Like A Movie'yi çıkarmıştır.

The list goes on and on but I guess those people interested will just have to check out the thread dedicated to them Edited by endurance, 01 December 2006 - AM.

They both did the series ' Wonderful Life' together.

Maybe like me…your mind is full of thoughts about Wheesung.

1st - Like a Movie 2nd - It's Real 2nd Mini - Hearbreaking Story 3rd - For the Moment 3rd Mini Album Here They Come 4th - Love...

Gosh, wouldn't it be amazing after collaborating in Wonderful Life they started seeing each other again and reunited because they realize that they were wrong to ever part ways and that part of them were still dwelling of the 'what if' I had stay with him or her my life would've been so perfect.

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