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“It’s interesting and weird at the same time.” But that openness is enviable, according to Andy Cohen, another friend of the mother-son duo. My mom is a Jewish mom, and [Vanderbilt] is a shiksa goddess,” Cohen shares. interview that aired Monday night, Griffin, 45, said that Moline, a software entrepreneur, had taken the money from her bank accounts over an 18-month period.

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Despite frantic attempts at damage control — posting a desperate-sounding apology video on You Tube, then retracting the apology in a disastrous press conference with attorney Lisa Bloom during which Griffin claimed Trump "broke me" — nothing worked. "When you're in between gigs and trying to stay on the map, you have to think of ways to stay in the spotlight," says Griffin of the shoot, which was meant to drum up interest in a 50-date U. Says Shields: "The crazy thing is, I had the last roll of film, and there were three pictures left.

She was fired as the celebrity face of "Squatty Potty" (a toilet footstool) and, far worse, was jettisoned by CNN, where she had hosted a popular New Year's Eve broadcast with Anderson Cooper for the past 10 years. There are only three slides of film of that picture."Afterward, Griffin instructed Shields to "get it out there in whatever way the kids are getting things these days." He put it on his website and alerted TMZ, which published the image on May 30 at a.m.

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, that pals including Kathy Griffin have developed relationships with his 92-year-old mom, Gloria Vanderbilt – and things can get pretty dishy.

The first, an imposing barrier at the entrance to a pri­vate community in a secluded Bel Air canyon, is manned by three stone-faced guards who check your ID and glare suspiciously into your eyes before waving you in.

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