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Kilpinen File 12.12 Median Household Income, 2010, Jon T. Kilpinen File 12.14 Persistent Poverty Counties, 2010, Jon T. Hrivnak, Hans Van Winckel, Maarten Reyniers, David Bohlender, Christoffel Waelkens, and Wenxian Lu Link A Spitzer/Infrared Spectrograph Spectral Study of a Sample of Galactic Carbon-Rich Proto-Planetary Nebulae, Yong Zhang, Sun Kwok, and Bruce J.

Kilpinen File 12.15 Persistent Poverty, 2010, Jon T. Su, and Sun Kwok Link An Intelligent Tutoring System That Generates a Natural Language Dialogue Using Dynamic Multi-Level Planning, Chong Woo Woo, Martha W. Dimcevici, and Stana Paunica A Plea from the Deep (1991), Tad Hartmann Link A Power Delivery and Decoupling Network Minimizing Ohmic Loss and Supply Voltage Variation in Silicon Nanoscale, Mark M. Hrivnak Link A Spitzer Space Telescope Infrared Spectograph Spectral Atlas of Luminous 8 Mu M Sources in the Large Magellanic Cloud, Catherine L.

File 01.01 Leading Ethnic or Ancestry Group, 2012, Jon T. Kilpinen File 02.11 Percent Potawatomi, 2012, Jon T. Kilpinen File 03.06 Percent Other Hispanic, 2010, Jon T. Kilpinen File 05.01 People Specifying Ancestry, 2012, Jon T. Kilpinen File 05.03 Other Ancestry Majority Counties, 2012, Jon T. Kilpinen File 06.11 Scottish Ancestry, 2012, Jon T. Kilpinen File 09.01 All Slavic Ancestry, 2012, Jon T. Kilpinen File 09.09 Hungarian Ancestry, 2012, Jon T. Kilpinen File 10.02 Lebanese Ancestry, 2012, Jon T. Kilpinen File 11.12 Scandinavian Speakers, 2012, Jon T. Kilpinen File 11.16 State Language Legislation to 2012, Jon T.

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Smith Link Binary Central Stars of Planetary Nebulae Discovered Through Photometric Variability. What We Know and What We Would Like to Find Out, Orsola De Marco, Todd C. Grundmann Google Apps for Education: Valparaiso University's Migration Experience, Rebecca Klein, Richard Orelup, and Matthew Smith Link 'Got neher machen': das Gnadenmedium des Leidens am Beispiel der Flugschrift Lazarus Spenglers Eine tröstliche christiche Anweisung und Arznei in allen Widerwärtigkeiten (1521), Ronald K. Kwok Link Hacking DC: Using DC's Native Features in Unintended Ways, Joshua Neds-Fox and Michael Priehs Link Hadronic Resonance Production in d Au Collisions at Root S-NN=200 Ge V measured at the BNL Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider, David Grosnick, Donald D. Kurpela and Theresa Kessler Link He flew’: A Concluding Reflection on the Place of Eternity and the Supernatural in the Scholarship of Carlos M.

Smith Link Biology and Ideology: From Descartes to Dawkins, Matthew Becker Birds-of-a-Feather Discussions (with Refreshments), Meeting Attendees Link Bisexual Branching Processes in a Genetic Context: The Extinction Problem for Y-Linked Genes, M. Koetke, Shirvel Stanislaus, and STAR Collaboration Emotional Responses upon Study Abroad Reentry, Amanda Jonikaitis, Patty Carrillo, Maleni Angon, and Lindsey Dever Link Empowering the People of God: Catholic Action Before and After Vatican II, Jeremy Bonner, Mary Beth Fraser Connolly, and Christopher Denny Link Encyclopedia of School Health, Amy Cory and D. Wiley "Endtroduction" (2005), Myranda Bellman Endurance of SYBR Safe in Agarose Gel Electrophoresis, Michelle B. Hargrave Link Energy and System Size Dependence of Phi Meson Production in Cu Plus Cu and Au Plus Au Collisions, David Grosnick, Donald D. Koetke, Shirvel Stanislaus, and STAR Collaboration Link Energy Dependence of pi( /-), p and (p)Over-Bar Transverse Momentum Spectra for Au Au Collisions at Root SNN=62.4 and 200 Ge V, David Grosnick, Donald D. Helgeson Link Enhanced Strange Baryon Production in Au Au Collisions Compared to P P at Root s(NN)=200 Ge V, David Grosnick, Donald D. Goehler Estimating Upper Extremity Joint Contributions in Functional Motions to Create a Metric for Injury Prevention Using Open Sim, Alexander Kozlowski, Fernando Aguilar, and Eric Honert Link ETDs, Shifting Policies, and Workflows, Todd Bruns and Stacey Knight-Davis Ethical Leadership in Intercollegiate Athletics, Angela Lumpkin and Joe Doty Link Eucharist at Closing of the Institute, Jan Rippentrop, Robert Rimbo, Scott Weidler, Kantorei of the Chapel of the Resurrection, and Lorraine Brugh Link Evaluating Dialogue Schemata With the Wizard of Oz Computer-Assisted Algebra Tutor, J. Kim and Michael Glass Link Evaluation for child custody: Using best practices in a worst-case scenario, Amanda D. Quiroz Link Glaubenssache: An Exhibition for Believers and Non-Believers, Gretchen Townsend Buggeln Link Global Perspectives on Science and Spirituality (book review), Christoffer H. Webb, and STAR Collaboration Hard Times During the Great Depression (1985), Paula Immormino Link Heart Failure in an Era of Reform, Sandra M. Rittgers Link He is Called a Region Rat, Tracy Rongers Hidden Opportunities: The Lake County Police Explorers (2008), Rachel Rodriguez Link High-Resolution Near-Infrared Imaging and Polarimetry of Four Proto-Planetary Nebulae, K.

Webb, and STAR Collaboration Measuring the Cosmic Ray Energy Spectrum, Laura Mattson Link Measuring the International Usage of U. Institutional Repositories, Lauren Fralinger and Jonathan Bull Link Mechanism of Redox- and CO-Sensing by the Heme Protein, Coo A: Cryoradiolysis Studies, Robert W. Kalafut Mixed Media: Popular Culture and Race and Their Effect on Jury Selection, Andrea Lyon Link Mobile Business Intelligence, Jim D. Crable, Thilini Ariyachandra, and Mark Frolick Link Modeling and Experimental Investigation of a Helmholtz Resonator With a Flexible Plate, Shahin S. Scott Duncan, and Umar Farooq Modeling Binary Central Stars in Planetary Nebulae, Hannah Rotter Link Modeling the SS 433 Jet Bends, H.

Schulz, Michael Nowak, and Sebastian Heinz Link Museum Space and the Experience of the Sacred, Gretchen Buggeln Link Music and Ceremonial at British Coronations: From James I to Elizabeth II (book review), Bradford Lee Eden Link Music and Society in Early Modern England (book review), Bradford Lee Eden Link Music at the Gonzaga Court in Mantua (book review), Bradford Lee Eden Link Mutagenesis Studies to Investigate Ligand Binding to the Carbon Monoxide-Sensing Heme Protein, Coo A, from Carboxydothermus Hydrogenoformans, Laura Wagoner, Josh Wagoner, Thomas E.

Kilpinen File 12.16 Households Without Telephone Service, 2012, Jon T. Kilpinen File 12.18 Foreign Born from Mexico, 2012, Jon T. Reddy A Continuing Conundrum: Applying Consistent Gender-Neutral Criteria to Federal Sentencing Departures Based on Family Ties and Responsibilities, Brittany P. Jeremy Telman Animal Experimentation is Both Useful and Ethical (1994), Allan Rowe Link An Infrared Imaging Study of the Bipolar Proto-Planetary Nebula IRAS 16594-4656, Kevin Volk, Bruce J. Evens, Reva Freedman, Michael Glass, Leem Seop Shim, Yuemei Zhang, Yujian Zhou, and Joel Michael An International Comparison of Law Enforcement Stress and Professional Satisfaction, Holly Buckman, Agata Freedle, Amanda Tuohy, and Amanda Zelechoski Link An Introduction to Statistics: An Active Learning Approach, Kieth Carlson and Jennifer Winquist Link An Item Response Curves analysis of the Force Concept Inventory, Gary A. Budnik and Roy Kaushik Link Appetizers, Conference Organizers Applying Memory Science to the Classroom: Effects of Reading Questions and Answer Keys on Test Scores, Holly Griskell, Erin Harrington, Andrea Bretl, Emmanuel Bara-Hart, Nathaniel Terry, Amanda Mc Cullough, and Phuong Quynh Nguyen A Proposition for Victory (1993), Rebecca Menis Link Architects and the Production of Religious Space Introduction, Gretchen Buggeln Link Architecture and Development of the Neurospora Crassa Hypha - A Model Cell for Polarized Growth, Meritxell Riquelme, Oded Yarden, Salomon Bartnicki-Garcia, Barry Bowman, Ernestina Castro-Longoria, Stephen J. Lew, Rosa Mourino-Perez, Michael Plamann, Carolyn Rasmussen, Corinna Richthammer, Robert W.

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