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Likewise, none of the lower class cared that Mellors and his wife lived separately until the affair with Lady Chatterley comes out.

Her button up style and always proper air are perfect, if a little Mrs. She claims to be there for both the husband and wife but clearly puts together the pieces about Lady Chatterley and Mellors.

What confused me, however, was that sometime in 1918-19, they cut her hair into a long bob.

They still styled it up for anything other than Connie-on-her-own time, but this seemed AWFULLY fashion-forward for an aristocratic woman whose husband seems pretty conservative, and who hasn’t bothered to update her wardrobe in the past few years. But it is melancholy, well-acted, and the costumes — while not cutting-edge fashionable — are beautifully designed and made.

Connie of course disagrees with the notion that there will always be people who boss and people to boss.

Mellors is a higher servant than most, yet he still must take orders from other household servants, and Sir Clifford mocks his accented speech.’s father and sister also find no problem with her taking a lover, but all expect it to be a man of upper standing, not a servant.

In the first, Connie is in the midst of her “I can hang! ” stage of thinking she can remain married to Sir Clifford Hair-wise, I thought they did a GREAT job with Connie’s updos.

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