Letter validating marriage

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In fact, frankly, if you’re 100% sure that the reports you’ve heard are true, I’d assume that you’re going to need to end up letting her go fairly soon, because good employees just don’t operate this way (and I’m talking here about all of the behavior, not just the curses), and I’m highly skeptical that she’s a stellar performer on every other front.

Meanwhile, I would start reading up on counter-spells, potions, and hexes, as you’re probably going to need them.

And in this same conversation, you should also make it clear that badmouthing her coworkers to others isn’t acceptable either, and that she’s expected to behave professionally and pleasantly while she’s at work.

Basically, this is the “your behavior is far over the bounds of what we will accept here, we take it seriously, and we’re going to have zero tolerance for it going forward” conversation.

“Hopefully this will motivate couples around the world to get married.” Pope Francis has performed the first ever papal airborne wedding ceremony.

These two flight attendants got hitched by the Pope, in mid-air. https://t.co/914HWb Ot11 — Nicole Brady (@Nicole Denver7) January 18, 2018Many people have expressed their admiration for Pope Francis for going above and beyond in his papal duties.

This is the first time a pope has ever officiated a wedding while flying on a plane.

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